We’re Excited About

Our downstairs Retreat (youth center) is a safe place for all youth.  Sunday School is held in the Youth Center on Sundays.   The Retreat amenities include a full kitchen, clothes closet, games, computers for homework, XBox and a projector movie screen.

Jan Swaby leads our 9am Sunday morning Revelations Bible Study!  The homey atmosphere and morning coffee encourages class participation!  Child care provided in the youth center.

Food Pantry, Noisy Offering and “You’ve Been Presbyied”

We’re happy that once a month our church family collects items and donates to the local Food Pantry.  Children collect loose change once a month (Noisy Offering) to fund charities of their choice.  Donations have funded a well in Malawi, meat for undernourished children, ipods for the handicapped and Youth Center amenities.  Our members perform Random Acts Of Kindness throughout the year.   Donation amounts vary and recipients know when they’ve “Been Presbyied!”

We are called to serve.